Applying different techniques for removing pigmentation

Perfect look is extremely important for every woman therefore every defect on the skin is regarded as a serious problem. One of the most spread defects is skin depigmentation. This process causes dark spots on a face. They differ in depth and size and are divided into two groups: eumelanins and phaeomelanins.

Pigmentation is undesirable process therefore most women who have such problem are trying to get rid of dark spots. Modern development of the cosmetology allows making it quickly and effectively.

Pigmentation removal may be provided with the help of different techniques:

  1.      using of bleaching agents (sometimes are not effective and may cause allergic reactions);
  2.      using of liquid nitrogen (dark spots are being frozen and drop off but there is a risk of white spots appearance instead);
  3.      using of electricity (there is high risk of scars after the procedure);
  4.      laser removal (the safest and the most effective way but it is rather expensive).

If you want to undergo the procedure of removal dark spots on face skin apply well-experienced professional cosmetologists who will examine you and advice the best way of removal.

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