Hair is known as a natural treasure of men and women when it is beautiful, gorgeous but we are speaking about head while hair in other body areas is a real obstacle on the way to the absolute beauty therefore people try to get rid of it applying different methods.

History of depilation

From the ancient times depilation was obligatory procedure for women who had aristocratic origin. Historians say that the first ways of hair removal appeared in the IV century B.C. Women pulled out hair using special coarse thread. Such way was rather painless. Then pincers and herbal infusions were invented.

Hair removal techniques were being developed and nowadays plenty of different methods exist. They differ in effectiveness, price and peculiarities of providing.

All methods of depilation may be divided into three groups:

  1. the simplest (are provided at home without any professional help but are not effective);
  2. the most demanded (can be provided both at home and in beauty salons and are rather effective);
  3. the most inventive (are expensive but the result is brilliant).

Depilation techniques

The first group includes shaving and using epilator. These ways are the most cheap because you need only buy equipment and then use it at home but the result is also far from satisfying. Such procedures must be repeated every day otherwise growth will be noticeable soon after shaving.

The second group includes depilation with the help of wax, sugar, etc. Those methods are recommended to be underwent in professional beauty salons. They are not so expensive and the effect is rather continuous (2-3 weeks) but still you must find time for visiting beauty salons constantly.

The third group unites the latest inventions of the cosmetology sphere. They are depilation by photo method, electric hair removal, laser depilation. The last one is regarded as the most effective one and its popularity is gaining momentum.

Way of proceeding

The second and the third group of depilation methods differ in way of proceeding. Wax, sugar and other hair removal methods affect hair itself while laser, electric, photo and other techniques destroy both hair and their follicles. As a result the effect is provided for some 2-3 months depending on the body area.

Besides, the latest depilation procedures are safe and suitable for all body zones when other methods have some limits.

But pay attention that most depilation techniques have contraindications therefore previously you should obligatory consult with experienced cosmetologist either you are allowed to undergo this procedure or not.

Laser hair removal as the best decision

Nowadays using laser equipment is regarded as the most innovative and effective way of hair removing. In most respected beauty salons this procedure is provided with the help of diode lasers that penetrate into deeper layers of epidermis but at the same time don’t injure skin.

This procedure is almost painless and takes about 45 minutes depending on the area of processing.

The only disadvantage of the procedure is high prices but the effect worth it.

Different techniques of removing undesirable hair: their advantages and disadvantages

Selecting the best way of hair removal taking into account various criteria

When you want to get rid of undesirable growth in various body areas pay attention on advantages and disadvantages of different methods and select the best way of hair removal just for you