Which epilating options exist nowadays: how to make the best solution?

Ladies and men need unwanted hair to be removed. There exist several reasons for this. Foremost, smooth skin looks more attractive. Health should be taken into account as well. Unwanted hair becomes an epicenter of bad smell and of bacteria.
Wishing to remove unwanted hair, diverse array of options are suggested. Which solution is the best one?
Referring to the simplest ways of hair removal like shaving and special cosmetic products, but their effect is rather controversial. Such procedures should be provided again and again every 3-4 days.
Sugaring or waxing are better ways but those options are temporal as well therefore in some 3-4 weeks you will need to apply to beauty salons as well.
Thus, both cosmetologists and patients understand laser hair removal offers as the best solutions for getting rid of unwanted hair. The service guarantees permanent effect (almost 90% of unwanted hair is expected to disappear). What’s more important, this innovative service is painless and safe for the health.

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