Our beauty is a real power but in course of time different problems with skin appear. Earlier it was necessary to capitulate to age but modern investigations in the sphere of cosmetology allows saving beauty for a long time. One of the most effective procedures is face lifting. It helps to give freshness and softness of the skin back.

In the professional beauty salons lifting is one of the most demanded services because it gives possibility to hide age traces. Loose and inflexible skin is a spread problem after 30 years and the procedure of lifting makes it smooth and soft again.

There proposed different types of lifting:

  1.      circular face lift;
  2.      brow lifting;
  3.      filiform lifting;
  4.      mechanical lifting (various equipment is used);
  5.      PRP therapy.

The price of the procedure depends on its type therefore foremost it is recommended to consult experienced specialist who is able to examine you, identify the problems existing and then select the best variant of lifting.

Apply only respected beauty salons where experienced and qualified cosmetologists are working and only natural components are used.

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