Electrical epilating techniques or alternative decisions: what is the best decision?

The contemporary level of beauty industry development presents multiple decisions for hair removal. Electrolysis is considered among the latest and therefore innovative ones. Such technique belongs to permanent hair removal. Some hair disappears at all while others are expected to regenerate after several years. Thus, results are truly perfect.
Such procedure includes the following stages:
• Special micro needle is applied for access to a hair follicle.
• Electric current penetrates into hair follicles destroying them from inside.
• Special products are used to minimize negative consequences of the procedure.
On the one hand, such procedure is really perfect but there exists the other side of a coin. Electric hair removal is rather painful and expensive. Moreover, several side affects usually take place after the procedure.
Wishing to get rid of unwanted hair forever, there exist safer and more effective techniques. Our beauty salon offers laser epilating technique that is safe and painless being executed by experienced cosmetologists with the help of innovative laser equipment.

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