Evolution of Brazilian epilating: from waxing and sugaring to innovative techniques

Thousands years women have been striving to get perfectly smooth skin getting rid of undesirable hair. They use both home and professional techniques. Meanwhile fashion creates new challenges and at present time Brazilian hair removal became extremely popular and women all over the world try to look like Brazilian hot beauties.
Such procedure appeared in 1987 and implies deep epilating of the bikini area. At first waxing or sugaring were applied for getting perfectly smooth skin in the most intimate area. But in the XXI century the American cosmetologists invented new technique of removing hair using laser equipment.
Nowadays Brazilian hair removal by laser equipment is of greatest demand because the procedure allows removing hair almost forever and moreover it tends to be completely safe and painless. Our beauty salon uses the most qualitative equipment that does no harm for our patients’ skin and our cosmetologists are well experienced therefore you will undoubtedly get perfect results.

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