Extension of eyelashes in beauty salon with the help of natural qualitative materials

Nowadays it is quite easy to be attractive. You need visit beauty salons and undergo some procedures that do no harm to your health and at the same time allows making surroundings fall in love with you at first glance. One of the most demanded procedures in beauty salons is eyelash extension.

Every woman dreams about long think eyelashes and it is possible to obtain such result with the help of mascara but if the eyelashes are not desirably long inherently special cosmetic procedures should be applied.

The procedure of extension of eyelashes is proposed by most beauty salons because of its popularity but primarily it is necessary to understand peculiarity of this cosmetic manipulation.

Extension lies in fixing artificial eyelashes to natural ones. Both natural and imitation materials (silk, silicon, sable hair) are used. There can be defined two ways of eyelashes fixing: cluster and perennial.

Undergoing the procedure it is recommended to select natural eyelashes for fixing. They are safe from the point of view of health and hypoallergic.

Make-up designers recommend to fix eyelashes of different length – eyes look naturally in such case.

After the procedure there are some demands – it is forbidden to cry, rub eyes with hands, use cosmetics because some eyelashes may fall off.

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