How much sessions are demanded to remove unwanted hair by laser?

At present time using laser equipment for hair removal is considered as the most effective technique ever. Such service is applied by both cosmetologists and dermatologists being understood as painless and safe. What’s more: the method leads to complete disappearing of unwanted hair.
The secret lies in affective melanin ground of the follicles by special laser equipment. Follicles are destroyed and therefore hair disappears. On the other hand, one session is not enough for brilliant result.
Unwanted hair has several stages of growing. Laser body hair removal is effective referring to hair that is in terminating growth stage. Cosmetologists indicate that the first session removes up to 30% of all unwanted hair. Every next session helps to get rid of 10% more therefore charming and smooth skin is obtained after some 9-10 sessions.
Speaking about the frequency of those sessions, it can be defined by a cosmetologist individually to make the procedure the most effective. Our beauty salon is ready to impress you by results and quality.

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