Laser epilating technique and lactating period: do some counter indications exist?

That is well known fact during pregnancy a woman’s body is being underwent some changes that are connected with endocrine profile foremost. Lactation period is the next stage while some changes are still active. On the other hand, ladies wish to maintain their beauty and unwanted hair is something they want to get rid of.
Speaking about the existing epilating techniques, laser one is undoubtedly the most effective and painless procedure. What’s more: our beauty salon offers affordable laser hair removal prices making the service accessible for every patient.
Thus, one important question appears: either such innovation is harmless for lactating women or not? This period is linked with producing more androgen hormone therefore unwanted hair grows more rapidly and becomes more noticeable.
On the one hand, investigation uncovered no harm of such technique for lactating women and their kids but on the other hand, that is highly recommended to consult with your doctors foremost and then apply to our beauty salon for getting rid of undesirable hair.

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