Laser procedures in beauty industry that guarantee better result

Different lasers are widely used in cosmetology with various purposes. In many beauty salons alexandrite laser is selected as the most effective equipment. Such cosmetology appliance has both positive and negative features.

Wave-length in this laser is 755 nanometres therefore this type provides better result during depilation and other procedures. At the same time it doesn’t penetrate too deep into the skin therefore its impact is safe from the point of view of health.

As to the technical phase of the subject this kind of laser is easy-to-use and maintenance-friendly therefore it shows perfect result in comparison with other equipment.

Depilation is the most demanded procedure that is provided with the help of such lasers therefore the appliance must be bought for beauty salons where the service is proposed.

Among the disadvantages of this laser type it can be pointed out duration of the procedure. Alexandrite equipment provides services a bit slower than analogues. For some people this criterion is important.

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