Maintaining of skin health due to its impacting by special massage technique

Our health is the most valuable treasure therefore it is necessary to strengthen it constantly. Medical industry always develops and new methods of treatment are discovered. Nowadays different types of massages are becoming popular because they have unique curative properties.

One of the most demanded procedures is reflexology massage that helps to restore the health. Such technique lies in impact on skin in different areas. All tissues and organ systems are interconnected therefore treatment may be provided due to affecting nerve fibres on skin.

This massage technique is widely applied. It is useful for hypertension, neurosis, insomnia, faintness, osteochondrosis and other health problems. The procedure must be provided only by highly qualified specialists who primarily examines a patient and identifies areas where pathological process is observed and only then provides treatment.

There pointed out several treatment contraindications. The massage must not be provided for pregnant, people with heart diseases, cancerous diseases, tuberculosis or with skin lesions where massage is necessary.

Amount of treatment sessions depend on the illness and individual character of a patient.

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