Permanent makeup of eyelids that creates brilliant effect

They say that every woman is able to sweep a man off his feet by one glance but in this case perfect make-up of eyelids and eyebrows is necessary. The industry of cosmetology is constantly developing and there are plenty of different procedures that help to make your glance speaking and attractive.

One of the most popular and effective once is eyeliner tattoo. It is also called permanent make-up of eyelids. The service is provided by most beauty salons and is of huge demand.

Some people have heard that this procedure affects negatively eyelash growth but it is only myth that was contradicted by numerous researches.

The advantages of permanent make-up of eyelids are as follows:

  1.      creating effect of thick eyelashes;
  2.      underlining ciliary contour;
  3.      putting spit on eye color;
  4.      correcting eye shape, etc.

There also can be defined two ways of the procedure providing:

  •         upper eyelid tattoo;
  •         lower eyelid tattoo.

It is recommended to combine this procedure with some other cosmetology manipulations that help to increase positive effect.

Permanent make-up of eyelids is provided in several stages:

  1.      preparation (providing previous procedures);
  2.      anesthetization (putting anaesthetic creams);
  3.      technological (making of the tattoo).

Apply only respected beauty salons where qualified cosmetologists are providing procedures.

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