Possible reasons laser epilating technique appeared to become ineffective for

Nowadays numerous techniques of hair removal are offered for women. Laser epilating is among the most effective ones but nevertheless sometimes people complain such service telling about bad results. The reasons may be the following ones:

  •         Hair is light. Laser epilating will be effective for dark hair only that contains much melanin pigment otherwise the effect is minimal and almost invisible.
  •         When permanent hair removal cost is suspiciously low a beauty salon may use old inappropriate equipment so that apply respected salons only.
  •         There were not followed preparatory recommendations that are extremely important.
  •         Qualified and experienced cosmetologists only should provide the procedure.

Moreover there exists a list of counter indications that are serious obstacles for the procedure providing. Those obstacles may be both temporal and permanent.

In case of appropriate preparation and previous consulting with an experienced cosmetologist the procedure tends to be extremely effective providing brilliant results. Apply our beauty salon and get the best result.

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