Removing hair from facial area: sugaring or laser techniques?

Many women face to the problem of undesirable hair appearing on the facial area. Sometimes the hair is almost invisible while in other cases it may be noticed. Thus applying to beauty salons is necessary.

Permanent facial hair removal is nowadays widespread service offered by the majority of salons. This way if quick and effective therefore epilating techniques are of highest demand. You are able to select among several techniques. Sugaring and laser hair removal are the most popular ones.

Sugaring is rather effective and not so expensive but such service provides just temporal effect. Laser epilating technique is innovative and lies in destroying the follicles not the hair itself therefore the effect is expected to stay 2-3 months. Meanwhile the technique is effective for removing dark hair only.

Sugaring is more painful than laser hair removing but discomfort feelings may be minimized with the help of anesthetic creams. Moreover those procedures have a number of counter indications therefore consultation with a specialist is demanded previously. Call our company and find out more information

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