Some peculiarities which must be taken into account during laser depilation providing

Laser hair removal is the most effective and safest way of getting rid of undesirable hair in different body zones. It is popular among men and women and can be underwent in most beauty salons.

While most other methods affect only a hair itself laser depilation provides follicle destroying because of affecting melanin that builds hair and its follicle. This influence is safe for the skin and guarantees getting rid of undesirable hair for about 2-3 months depending on the zone where this procedure was provided.

The best hair laser removal may be provided by well-experienced and qualified cosmetologists who must take into account the following factors:

  1.      skin type;
  2.      laser equipment type;
  3.      hair growth phase.

Selecting of the laser equipment type depends on skin type. There can be pointed out four types of lasers: ruby, neodymium, alexandrite and diode. Modern beauty salons use the last three ones. There are also three hair growth phases: anagen, catagen, telogen. If the procedure was provided during the first phase the result would be the highest.

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