Every woman dreams about perfect look and this aim can be easily achieved with the help of modern discovering in the sphere of cosmetology. Of the most demanded and effective procedure from the point of view of perfect image creating is eyelash extension. This procedure helps to create charming speaking glance.

They say that eyes are the most dangerous weapon of women therefore it is extremely important to make eyelashes thick and beautiful. The procedure of extension is the best decision for realizing this aim.

The service is provided by most salons but everybody can visit beauty school of eyelash extension and provide the procedure by herself at home.

Extension came to our country from Hollywood where celebrities play the first fiddle in fashion world. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Beyonce and other American stars practise eyelash extension because this procedure makes your glance not only charming and attractive but also natural and it is important factor.

There are different ways of fixing eyelashes to your natural ones therefore it is recommended to apply only specialists for providing such techniques but during visiting beauty school all nuances will be explained for you.

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