The difference between depilating and epilating procedures

Women frequently thin that depilation and epilating are the same procedures but in fact those techniques are completely different taking into account their effect. Depilation provides temporal effect while epilating techniques are much more effective making women forget about undesirable hair almost forever.

Depilation removes the hair itself while epilating techniques imply removing of the follicles. And every other session decreases density of undesirable hair. Cosmetologists say that 7-8 sessions remove about 80% of it forever.

Modern beauty salons offer diverse assortment of epilating techniques but laser one is the most popular. On the one hand such procedure is safe and almost painless. On the other hand laser hair removal prices are rather affordable.

But pay attention that a company should be obligatory respected using the most innovative and qualitative equipment. Cosmetologists’ professionalism is also of much account. The more experienced they are the more effective results you get. Our company guarantees the best result and our clients’ feedback shows that we are always looking for perfection.

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