The most widespread questions concerning laser epilating techniques

Speaking about hair on our heads, they perform an important role being an integral part of our image. On the other hand, there exists unwanted hair in various areas: legs, underarms, bikini, etc. Their removal is explained by both aesthetic and hygienic viewpoints. Unwanted hair becomes frequently a source of bad small and bacteria spreading.
There exist numerous ways of removing unwanted hair. Laser hair removal legs and for other areas is nowadays considered as the most effective decision. At the same time there still appear several questions concerning such technique:
Is such technique safe for the health?
Definitely yes! The procedure affects just hair follicles doing no harm for skin in general.
Is the procedure painless?
Of course, we all have different pain resistance but contemporary development of such procedure minimizes pain feelings therefore clients may feel just tiny discomfort.
Is laser epilating as effective as the salons promise?
This technique is considered as the most effective way of hair removal. Some 8-10 sessions and you forget about up to 90% of unwanted hair.
Our beauty salon welcomes men and women offering them laser epilating technique by attractive prices.

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