The new generation of epilating procedures: the magic effect of laser equipment

Unwanted hair is considered among the most annoying obstacles that interferes women feeling themselves beautiful and confident. On the other hand, contemporary level of the beauty industry development offers numerous ways for unwanted hair removing.
Some 20 years ago sugaring and waxing were two most spread and effective solutions but nowadays ladies got laser equipment that provides miraculous effect. That sounds truly unbelievable but contemporary ladies are able to forget about unwanted hair forever.
Laser waves influence the follicles and lead to their destroying making no harm for skin at the same time. Well, one session is not enough but results will undoubtedly impress you because about 15-20% of unwanted hair may disappear after the first session.
Following to all recommendations of our cosmetologists before and after the procedure, you will obtain the most desirable results. Such procedure is available for all areas. Our beauty salon offers affordable bikini laser hair removal cost guaranteeing the highest quality of the service.

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