Types of laser equipment applied for laser epilating: which type the most effective one is?

There exist different ways of removing undesirable hair but laser method is considered as the best one having numerous pros in comparison with analogues. The technique helps to remove hair forever destroying follicles therefore women have no necessity to apply beauty salons anymore after some 8-10 sessions.
Special laser equipment is applied as hair removal devices. Those devices are divided into 4 different types: ruby, alexandrite, neodymium and diode.
Ruby laser was applied several years ago when the method had just appeared. The equipment makes the procedure painful with a risk of burns therefore in professional beauty salons those laser types are not used at present time.
Alexandrite laser is the next stage. On the one hand such equipment is more effective while on the other hand disadvantages exist.
Neodymium laser equipment is intended for both dark and light hair and in most beauty salons such device is applied.
Diode laser equipment is regarded as the most innovative technique providing maximal effect. Such device affects follicles directly having no consequences for skin. The procedure is completely safe and painless.
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