Types of laser equipment that is used for hair removing: characteristics and advantages

Wishing to undergo laser permanent hair reduction, people don’t think about the peculiarities of the procedure. Since being invented such technique has been modernized. For instance, different laser equipment is applied for removing unwanted hair. Those types are as follows:
• Ruby laser equipment. Such equipment was the first stage of laser epilating. In some beauty salons the equipment is still applied. The procedure is cheap but painful and not effective for light hair and dark skin.
• Neodymium equipment. The next step in laser epilating that is more effective but still painful.
• Alexandrite laser equipment. Such type is painless and effective for light hairs. The only disadvantage lies in high prices.
• Diode laser equipment is understood as the most innovative one. Being useful for all skin types and hair colors, the equipment provides painless and completely safe effect.
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