When should hair removal procedure be provided? The most preferable periods

The majority of ladies prefer getting rid of unwanted hair. Contemporary beauty salons offer different methods for effective female body hair removal. On the other hand, girls don’t think about time period when the service should be provided. Such factor is among the most important ones from the viewpoint of painlessness.

Menstrual cycles should be taken into account while applying to beauty salons. Each cycle consists of three main phases: initial, final and menstruation proper.
The first phase includes some 10-12 days and that is the best period for hair removal. Pain limit is the highest and therefore laser epilating is expected to be completely comfortable. Experts recommend women planning the procedure for this period.
The second and the third phases are marked by the lowest pain limit therefore even using the best equipment epilating procedure cannot be painless at all. Those ladies who have sensitive skin are forbidden to plan the procedure for the second half of their menstrual cycle.

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