Which laser equipment is safe for dark skin: unwanted hair removal peculiarities

Laser type of hair removal is considered as the most effective one and spread all over the world. Most beauty salons offer such service putting an accent on its highest efficiency. On the other hand, the effect directly depends on which skin type you have.
The American scientist Thomas Fitzpatrick divided people into six groups depending on their skin phototype. Under IV-VI skin types, dark skin is understood (from olive to ebony). Those types have been understood as not suitable ones for laser epilating.

Laser hair removal for dark skin was understood as a dangerous procedure because laser waves affect melanin contained in hair follicles. Dark skin contains much melanin as well therefore burns and other unpleasant consequences were possible. Nowadays more innovative equipment is used therefore the procedure became much safer.

Diode laser equipment is completely safe for dark skin therefore our beauty salon invites you to get charming results without any harm for your health. Keeping up with the times, our prices stay attractive for clients.

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