Which procedures are forbidden after laser epilating technique?

Women frequently confuse epilating and depilating techniques while there exists a huge difference. Depilating provides temporal effect while epilating procedures help to forget about undesirable hair forever.
Laser female hair removal is considered among the most significant inventions of the beauty industry. Ladies obtained a procedure that provides really perfect effect being safe for skin health and painless at the same time.
Such technique is oriented on follicles destroying therefore in some 8-10 sessions undesirable hair disappears completely.
Our beauty salon offers the procedure by attractive prices. Our professional cosmetologists give recommendations before and after the procedure and those recommendations are obligatory to be followed avoiding any problems.
Sunbathing is forbidden for two weeks after the procedure. Moreover, you need to avoid a basin visiting for some 5 days to protect your skin from aggressive chemical substances contained in water. Scrubs are forbidden to be applied for a week. Limits are rather numerous but beauty demands sacrifice. That is the general truth.

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