Why is laser epilating technique provided in several sessions?

You’ve undoubtedly heard about laser epilating techniques and their high efficiency. They say such procedure removes unwanted hair forever. On the other hand, clients have to undergo several sessions of laser hair removal. Let’s understand why the complex of sessions is demanded and how effective such technique is in fact.
Such innovative technique is suitable for all areas. Some people demand female facial hair removal to get smooth skin and young look. Laser equipment is undoubtedly extremely effective destroying hair follicles but laser isolation removes hair that is in growing stage. Those hairs are truly removed forever.
The problem lies in the fact that just 30-50% of all unwanted hair is in the growing stage therefore every next session removes more and more hair completely. Applying to our beauty salon professional cosmetologists take care of you examining your body, identifying existing problems and working out individual plan of sessions to get perfectly smooth skin. Prices for such innovative service are completely affordable.

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